zRed a Soul Reaver Legacy of Kain texture, I created for the main character Raziel with the help of Ben Lincoln’s “Soul Reaver PC Texture Utility.”


360° animated GIFs

Do it your self!

Made an app to automate 360° screenshots



Soul Reaver Legacy of Kain must be installed in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Eidos Interactive\Soul Reaver\kain2.exe”

You need at least one save state in the game.

Irfanview (used to create and crop screenshots) must be installed in “C:\Program Files (x86)\IrfanView\i_view32.exe”

SR1 Trainer v2.51(selects, loads and enables debug options) must be installed in the Soul Reaver directory. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Eidos Interactive\Soul Reaver\SR1 Trainer v2.51.exe”

You need the “Soul Reaver PC Texture Utility” to import your own textures to texture.big


My tools consist of an AHK macro and two batch scripts. The macro handles creating screenshots, CropMenu.bat will move/crop images and LaunchLKSRnTrainer.bat launches/kills required apps.

14ss360Train7 will create an image around every 26 degrees. A total of 56 images(14 images a pose) around 308mb in 2.5min Cropping images will bring the total size down to 30mb.(a couple seconds.) Optimizing images in Pnggauntlet after cropping will bring the total size down to 10Mb(around 10min)

56ss360Train7 will create an image around every 6.5 degrees. A total of 224 images(56 images a pose) around 1.2GB in 10min Cropping images will bring the total size down to 109mb. (30 to 60 seconds.) Optimizing images after cropping will bring the total size down to 44Mb (around 30min)

I'm running these on Windows7-64bit using a 3ghz Core2 Quad processor and your times may vary depending on your hardware.


Extract to C:\

Irfanview Preset

Run Irfanview, go to options in the menu bar and click on “capture/screenshot”
capture area:
3) Foreground window
capture method:
Hot key: f10
After the capture:
Save capture image as file:
Destination directory: C:\sr360ss\ss\
Save As: PNG-Portable Network Graphics
PNG Options:
compression level 0
uncheck all check boxes
Ascii encoding (don't know what this is but its enabled)

Soul Reaver Preset

If you would like to use CropMenu.bat the resolution must be 1600x1200.

Macro Walkthrough

Run 14ss360Train7 or 56ss360Train7(!!!do not run at the same time!!!) The app will load to the app tray suspended until you press F7.

If you would like to stop the automation right click the icon in the app tray and click exit or press F8.

Once the app sees the game running it will start the macro. DON'T PRESS ANYTHING or you'll send the macro astray.(Press F8 to Stop and kill the app. You will manually have to exit Soul Reaver)

The app will then: Navigate the main menu, load your first save, activate debug menu, load stage Train7, enable shift any time, shift, hurt Raziel, walk to center, change pose take ss, change pose take ss, restore health, change pose take ss, change pose take ss, close the game and its self.

All your screenshots will be in C:\sr360ss\ss\

Run CropMENU.BAT to crop and move images.

Use option 0 to sort the images by pose C:\sr360ss\ss\devour_armed\ C:\sr360ss\ss\devour\ C:\sr360ss\ss\standing\ C:\sr360ss\ss\crouch\

Then use option 1 to crop all images

Create animated GIFs with gimp 2.6+Open as layers, select all images, click open button Wait for layers to import then save as GIF or export in gimp 2.7+.